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We are a group of professionals helping anyone who wants to undertake the experience of doing business in the United States or advance in the visa process.

American Brokers connects you with the most recognized and successful professionals in the following areas:

A) Immigration lawyer services for your visa

B) Accounting services for your investments in the USA and the exploitation of your businesses.

C) Realtor services to accompany you in choosing your properties to buy, sell or rent

D) Search for investments, businesses and franchises we present you the fashion franchises for profitability or suitable for E2 visas, with proven results and income so that you can choose with whom we connect you to visit them.

E) Advice on Financial Services, we recommend Banks in the United States that our clients are using with great qualifications according to the services you need.

F) Incorporation of Companies.



Accounting Advisor


Investment Search

Financial Advisor

Companies Formations

Resale & lending information ordering system

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Start creating the American dream, today it is possible. American Brokers Management helps you get there.

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