American Brokers has a subsidiary in the United States of America dedicated to auditing and managing businesses. It has made an agreement with the main Florida Visa studios to be able to provide you with the service of obtaining immigrant and non-immigrant Visas, both provisional and definitive, and obtaining a green card.

This is how we manage visas of various types:

VISAS E 2: Designed for investors who wish to be able to settle partially or totally during the year in the United States based on controlled and recommended investments, from a certain amount and employing legal residents or US citizens.

VISAS EB1 a EB5: Those for permanent residents in the United States who wish to make an investment without having to control it or manage their business, making it through centers established for that purpose by the Migration Department.

Visa L: Corresponds to workers who will be transferred to the United States by their company.

Visa O: People with extraordinary abilities or achievements in the sciences, arts, education, business, or sports. They must verify their achievements with awards, international recognition or publications.

Visa P: For artists, athletes, performers, or exchange workers making a traditional ethnic, folk, cultural, musical, theatrical or artistic presentation.

The office in Argentina and in the United States, together with the team of lawyers associated with our firm, we provide support in the preparation of documents, business plans and all its procedures in order to resolve your investment plan, visit or immigration.